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Comprehensive Giving to Achieve 10X More

With most advanced and automated fundraising product offerings.

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Crowdera provides enterprise-level fundraising solutions with cutting-edge technology, making it the top choice all-in-one fundraising platform for organizations, donors and nonprofits.

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White-Labeled Crowdfunding Platforms

Get your own AI-powered white-labeled fundraising page, completely customizable for startups, real estate, equity, debt, rewards, or donations and ready to comply with crowdfunding regulations of any country.

Enterprise-Grade Charity Fundraising

Most advanced, customizable, and scalable technology solutions to help non-profit organizations and charities to automate and amplify their fundraising with superior P2P campaigns, donation widgets, websites, and buttons.

Designed to go beyond Fundraising

Modernizing fundraising to build relationships between the donor and fundraiser with the help of AI and Human Interaction tech that will optimize and amplify the impact by enhancing donor’s experience and giving them real-time interaction.

Scalable Success with Unified Platform

Crowdera makes it frictionless, fast and easy for organizations to

delight their fundraisers, donors and supporters.

We take a unique approach to discover organizations' potential and engagement through various fundraising methods throughout their journey.

Supercharge Online Giving

Donation Based Fundraising

Automate donation-based crowdfunding operations and manage individual and organization fundraising with Crowdera. Digitize your funding operations by launching a clone of Kickstarter, Indiegogo or a private donation platform.

- Intelligent Software Automation
- Donation Processes
- Custom Integrations
- Donation Analytics & Reporting

Donation Based Fundraising
Enable Perks to Acquire More

Reward Based Fundraising

Run reward-based campaigns without hitting operational hiccups, and measure their performance. Leverage the oldest trick in your fundraising arsenal - gifting. Set up a smooth gifting workflow that converts even the recipient.

- Efficient Gifting Processes
- Donor Delight
- Custom Options
- Fulfillment Management

Donation Management
Get Virality with Trust

Peer-2-Peer Fundraising

Crowdera provides a fully-customisable white-label multi-tier peer to peer fundraising platform which will fulfill all the needs of fundraisers, supporters and volunteers to achieve exceptional virality and trust with Raise 100X more

- Automated Fundraiser Onboarding Multiple Campaigns
- Unified Dashboard
- Fundraiser Enablement
- Endless Fundraiser Support

Peer-2-Peer Fundraising
Uplift Fundraising Smartly

AI Optimized Donate Button

Assistive AI to grow donations as per donors paying potential to create different options to pay repeatedly as per donor's convenience and requirements with contextual alignment with cause, organization and fund requirements.

- No integration required
- Intelligent Denomination Engine
- Global Payments
- Wide Compatibility

AI Optimized Donate Button
Hustle-free Online Presence

No-code Website & Forms

Build stunning fundraising websites & forms with Crowdera to grow your cause, campaign, or charity. Crowdera’s powerful page builder helps to create, customize, and design your own fundraising pages.

- Achieve Loyalty
- Enhance Predictability
- Boost Fundraising
- De-risk and Reduce Churn

No-code Website & Forms
Glitch-free Repeat Donation

Recurring Donation

Leverage Recurring giving in your overall fundraising strategy with the most sophisticated digital workflows to retain donors and achieve lifetime sustainability. Crowdera supports Recurring Payments across 150+ countries seamlessly to enhance donor retention for campaigns and organizations.

- Achieve Loyalty
- Enhance Predictability
- Boost Fundraising
- De-risk and Reduce Churn

Monthly Giving

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