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We want to enable sustainable fundraising among multiple geography & sectors — with the most advanced technologies to date and compassion. Enabling AI-powered fundraising tools, widgets, buttons, platforms and a lot more to support organizations of all sizes and help raise more upto 10X.

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Who we are ?

Crowdera is a global technology company, building scalable fundraising and syndication platforms and solutions with inbuilt virality creating a network effect. Crowdera has supported over 2000 charitable organizations across the world. Offering the most comprehensive fundraising product, with leadership, global consulting and fundraising experience, and access to HNIS and Influencers from Corporations and various other sectors, Crowdera's is considered as a preferred strategic fundraising technology partner that can amplify fundraising goals by 10X or more with no additional resource. Our tech and business methods engage AI & Human interaction at optimal levels to optimize efforts and amplify impact results.

Crowdera crew has gone to great lengths to create and foster a community of like-minded people dedicated to celebrating social impact and supporting our friends in the rural economies.

Who we are

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Our Mission

With the motto of “Abundance Starts with Giving”, Crowdera intends to build a 'Giving Economy' empowering individuals and organizations to drive projects that make an impact, do social innovation, follow their passion, or even fulfilling personal needs. Crowdera is dedicated to inspiring the generous, compassionate and committed humans (and organizations) to collectively work towards the development of life on this planet via collaboration between every thinking mind, machine and technology.

Join Us & let’s build a #GivingEconomy where compassion & empathy fuels the engine, where doing good is the purpose, where happiness is the byproduct and #Abundance is the result.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A Giving Economy where every human and organization is sustainable with their charitable and entrepreneurial endeavours of making this world a better place.

We are building a sustainable, credible and government compliant Giving Ecosystem for socially impact-driven organizations that will generate repeatable and predictable sources of donation agnostically, with high levels of trust, accountability and belongingness.

Our Vision
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Our Team

People Behind the Screen

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Chet Jainn


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Srinivas Chunduru


Chai Atreya

Chai Atreya


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Shriharsha Bhat

Chief of Engineering

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Kshitij Ingle

Director - Crowdfunding

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Aditi Gupta

Associate Director Sales

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Digant Sutaria

Director - Finance

Untitled design (7)-2

Neil Jain

CSR & Philanthropist

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Vishnu Lambe

Associate - CMS & Product

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Vanchha Pandey

Content Writer

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Prasad Dhale

UI/ UX designer

Untitled design (11)

Suhasini Jain

Head of Accounts

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Prashant Chaware


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Naresh Bisen


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Sharan Ingaleshwar

Testing Engineer

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Naveen Sharma

Front End Engineer


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